Some Required Features

Aug 15, 2012 at 3:50 PM

This is really good library few improvements are required as follows,

I  just edited its Recorder to support save and playback the script using notepad file

1) Currently it does not support to save any image which is present in web page,there must be command to find  the image by image name or image full url like or   other way is find  image which HERF contain some text

2) Currently its Recorder generating many garbage commands,specially assert

3) It will be good if user can put a OR or IF condition in  recorded script

4) It must support to pull data form CSV or txt or Excel when we plack back the micro

5) I think Regx need to be supported as it will help user lot in automation

6) Unable to find any option to automated Web Browser Control

7)Need some more work in exception haling because while Play back micro if web page change any element name dynamically it through exception and every thing get lost we can improve it to either skip element which are not found  or as use to  continue or break

Over all really good Library and I will try to do some improvements